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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  July 21, 2014 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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good morning, everybody. ho hope you had a great weekend. monday, july 21 st. welcome to way too early. it means more guards than we expected to trend worldwide. a great show we have for you. we want to start with the serious news. john kerry heading back to the middle east. 13 israeli soldiers were killed over the weekend. two americans. and on the other side, 500 palestinians have been killed since the conflict began 110 on sunday alone. tens of thousands of gaza have fled pouring into u.n. shelters that are filled to capacity. the rockets don't rain down on israel and new this morning israeli leaders say they killed ten armed palestinians who entered the country via tunnels. pressure is mounting on netanyahu. they called the actions
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atrocious. and the security council called for an immediate ceasefire. and protests turned violent in france after banned by officials. joining me live from gaza is ayman mog d ayman mojadidi. >> if you had to base it on the rhetoric coming out from both sides, it's not an indication that any side is prepared to back down. there hasn't been talk of a ceasefire realistically for some time now. all kinds of diplomatic leaders traveling to turkey. but nothing substantial changed the reality on the ground. that is a dire reality for the people here. we're getting word an overnight strike on a home of at least the suspect eed hamas member killed7 people. we are hearing they were not
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given any type of warning in that overnight strike. and we understand as well from palestinian medical sources that women and children are among that. the death toll alone has climbed to about 39. we just passed noon here. you can probably hear the shelling going on behind me. it's an ongoing operation. that death toll is expected to rise in the coming days. a mild grim stone has been reached here. at least 500 people have been killed as a result of the ongoing conflict. in terms of palestinian militant factions, including hamas and islamic jihad. they said they're in the driver's seat of the operation. last night they claimed they captured an israeli soldier. it's being refuted. the israeli military confirmed that 13 soldiers were killed. it's welcomed news as a victory for the palestinian factions. >> john kerry made the sunday
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morning rounds. he was caught on an open mic on fox news sunday. >> it's a hell of a pinpoint operation. it's a hell of a pinpoint operation. >> right. it's escalating significantly. it just underscores the need for ceasefire. we've got get over there. >> thank you, john. i think john, we ought to go tonight. >> i think it's very difficult in these situations, obviously, very difficult, chris. you have people who come out of tunnels. you have a right to go in and take out the tunnels. we completely support that. we support israel's right to defend itself against rockets that are, you know, continuing to come in. yeah. it's tough. it's tough to have this kind of operation. i reacted, obviously, in a way that, you know, anybody does with respect to young children and civilians. on capitol hill there's growing frustration with the obama administration handling both the israeli conflict and
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the downed passenger jet in ukraine. particularly among folks who are pushing for a more forceful response. >> as to secretary kerry, he gave the most ridiculous and delusional summary of american foreign policy i could imagine. it scares me that he believes the world is in such good shape. america is the glue that hold the free world together. leading from behind is not boricing. the world is adrift. and barack obama has become the kick of indecision. his policies are failing across the globe. >> now to ukraine where the country's military launched a new operation overnight targeting rebels in eastern ukraine. it comes as russia could support a u.n. resolution that ensure investigators full access. outrage is growing as pro-russian rebels have stacked
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close to 200 bodies in a train car. several countries in the west say the separatists are tampering with that. russian's ambassador to australia said moscow will back the resolution as long as it doesn't blame russia. the u.s. said there's growing evidence that moscow has been training the rebels, supplied them with the missile system used to shoot down the plane. it lead to harsh criticism of vladmir putin on the sunday talk shows. >> i would say, putin, you have to man up. you should talk to the world. you should say if it was a mistake, which i hope it was, say it. even if it was a mistake, it's a horrible mistake to make. >> this man has shown he's incapable of functioning in a civilized world. this is what a mafia guy does. a goon guy.
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not a world leader. putin released a statement promising he will do whatever he can to help the situation in ukraine. jim is live in moscow. what is putin offering to do to stop the violence? >> well, it's mostly lip service. he's called on both sides to return to the negotiating table, as you suggested. he says he would facilitate that and do his best to try to make it happen. he's done nothing to truly chain the game in ukraine. he hasn't pushed the rebels to end their offensive. he hasn't stopped a flow of fighters or supplies or weapons. there's a report of more heavy weapons coming over the border. this after the tragic downing of mh 17. he can make passionate calls for peace. why would you want a strong, peaceful ukraine. why offer europe that on a silver platter? >> jim, thank you. cooler weather is in the
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forecast today. it's expected to help the crews that have been battling raging wild fires in washington state. more than 1300 firefighters are trying to contain what is being called the complex fire. the wild fire started a week ago has four separate wildfires and merged into the largest. it consumed more than 230,000 acres. 150 homes have been destroyed. and hundreds more are in danger. a 67-year-old retire mad reen suffered a fatal heart attack trying to protect his home. president obama will sign a historic executive order to prevent anti-gay discrimination. it will prohibit federal contractors to discriminate against employees because of their sexual orientation. president obama will resist calls from religious leaders to include an exemption. it will affect about 28 million people. that is about 20% of the total
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number of workers in the u.s. we turn our attention to business news. wall street will look to maintain last week's gains as all three embassies closed on friday. the s&p 500 bouncing back after the largest drop in three months. jeff? >> good morning to you. where we sit at the moment, it could be a struggle to reclaim some of the gains from friday. we are in negative territory on the european market at the moment. your futures are looking flat to slightly negative. i think people are still nervous around these two big agree owe political stories. it's mostly going to be swirling trade coming into the open. i want to talk about this new kindle unlimited service. it's interesting. i think the market has been waiting and watching for awhile to see what amazon would do with
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the service. $10 gets you subscription to "all you can eat" service for your kindle. worth pointing out before you rush to subscribe. at least five major publishers are in dispute with amazon and not have allowed share authors to go forward to the new subscription service. depending on who you like to read. you might find some of your favors are not on the service this time around. back to you. >> jeff, this is interesting. toyota is offering a new piece of tech to help parents. >> it's an interesting an optional extra on the 2015 minivan. it's a microphone built in to the front of the vehicle and it allows you to talk to the kids. there's an amply indication system. speakers in the backseats. if you want to tell the kids to
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quiet down or answer the question are we there yet. it may be the way to do that. it's a bit of a gimmick. the problem with minivans is sales have been following since the peak in 2000. >> really interesting. most parents not having much trouble yelling at their kid in the car. we'll see how it goes. thank you. james garner's career spanned near lay half of century. he passed yesterday. lester holt has more. >> the show that launched him to fan, maverick in 1957. he played gambler brett maverick. more likely to talk his way out of a tight spot. he had the share of big screen roles acting opposite of marlon brando, doris day, and steve
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mcqueen. he appeared opposite julie andrews in the americanzation of emily. it was the first film i felt like i could get my teeth in a little bit. nearly 20 years after the first television hit. he found fame again in the rock ford files. the role earned him an emmy. he was a celebrity pinch man. the korean war veteran found a new audience in 2004's the notebook. >> i've never seen anything so beautiful. >> neither have i. >> hollywood lejt james garner was 86 years old. that brings us the twitter question. what role will you remember him best for? tweet us your answers using the #way too early. still ahead on way too early. how a big win at the british open won rory mcilroy's father
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closing down. complete the wire to wire victory he finished minus 17 to win the british open and the third leg of a career grand slam. it puts him behind tiger woods as the third youngest with three in the bag by the age of 25. he stands a good chance at winning the fourth major. he takes home $1.6 million in winnings. he's not the only one cashing. a british firm is paying over 9 $300,000 to mcilroy's father and friends. 500-1 odds in 2004. the two other bets were 200 pounds at 250-1 odds in 2005 combining for a nearly $137,000. >> did rory know his dad placed that the bet?
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>> probably? >> what do you think? >> i don't know. tell your son you bet on him. i'm sure. it builds the confidence. >> when he was 16. to baseball four major league teams won in the final at bats yesterday. >> high fly ball shallow right. still coming on and the ball jumps and the yankees win the game! >> come around third. they're going to wave him home. the nationals have won it. >> there's the fast ball back to the middle. drive home safely. and the angels walk off 6-5. >> 3-2 to smith. ground ball falls down, picks it up. cannot make the play. padres win. >> good stuff. all winning in walk off fashion.
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a rewind to the padre's game. a 105-year-old throwing out the ceremonyial first pitch before san diego take on the mets. she goes with underhand toss. might be the oldest and sweetest fan. or contrioles failing 2-0 what he thinks is the third out. he starts jogging if before realizing it's only the second out. it's a little too late as the runner tags from third. the a's win this which is kind of bad 10--2. the force with the diamondbacks yesterday. it was star wars day. the broadcast booth even got into the spirit of it. >> it's star wars day here. we are embracing the theme as the diamondbacks. hopefully the force will be with them. they go for the three game
2:49 am
sweep. >> did bob go grrr. arizona won 3-2. >> do so you to dress up to go to the game? >> i like the chew back can outfit. that's tough. >> you can do the chance solo. it would be better on my kdeor rant. it's amazing last week it was the polar invasion. now the tropics is back with the high humidity and temperatures. 92 in fargo. we haven't had a lot of heat this summer. we're not going to keep it with us. a strong cold front comes down. because it's hot and humid. the cold front runs into it. wide spread win damage into the dakotas. we'll watch you later tonight in minneapolis. the east coast, we've had eight weekends in a row now of pretty beautiful weekend for the mid atlantic and the north. it's hard to plain.
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hasn't but hot but warm. new england is upper 70s. still warm in texas and the southeast will get our afternoon storms. but eight weekends in a row pretty beautiful weather. we've been a little spoiled in the northeast. >> fantastic. thank you. coming up at the top of the hour. the latest on the deadly weekend of violence with analysis on the council of foreign relations is here. and latest from ayman mojadidi. we're going to huddle around the water cooler and look at the queens guard. they got their video trending worldwide. we'll show you and explain why. that and more after this. (vo) get ready! fancy feast broths. they're irresistabowl... completely unbelievabowl... totally delectabowl. real silky smooth
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let's huddle around the water cooler. we go across the pond. what is the video trending? >> you're a "game of thrones" fan? >> absolutely. it's going so big day. they caught the queen's guard playing the theme song during the changing of the guard. take a look. ♪ ♪
2:54 am
♪ >> that gives me the chills. i can't wait until next season. you never know how your dog is going to react when you bring a new baby home. the dog has a guilty conscious. trying to redeem himself racked up more than 3 million views. the pickup tries to make good. he brings the baby all the toys he can find after stealing the baby's toy. what a nice story. i think the baby is happy now. finally, thomas, we should be this lucky to have this happen while sky diving. take a look at the video when a woman's chute flies off the foot while making her way down to earth.
2:55 am
oh, my god! i can't believe it happened! oh, my god! >> you caught it? >> i caught it! this shoe falls off her foot, hits me in the face, and she caught it. it's the most impressive tandem that ever happened. and my face hurts. hits her sky diving instructor in the face and catch it is. it's one lucky pair of shoes. i think it's classic chuck taylors. those are converse chuck taylors. you don't lose those. i like the way the instructor is reporting from the scene. >> he took it in the face no problem. >> he did. nice reflexes by the lady. we asked you what role will you remember james garner best for? our producer has some of your best responses. >> i knew i was going to get hit and i didn't move out.
2:56 am
>> you weren't quick enough. our view verse a lot of great new veers. burton said he'll remember him with doris day in the thrill of it all. and nancy loves murphy's romance. >> that was good. >> with sally field. and the music score was by carol king. we loved james garner's career. he'll be missed. thank you so much. coming up next on "way too early." a look at the morning stories. and "morning joe" is right around the corner. stick around.
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allstate home insurance from an allstate agent. let's get a check on the day ahead. the united nations will vote today on a resolution that ensures investigators full access to the crash site of malaysian airlines flight 17. several countries believe the separatists are tampering with the investigation. they claim the rebels deny. tsa fees on plane tickets will rise with those who fly nonstop or big layoffs. it will rise from 250 to 560. it will be charged as a separate
3:00 am
flight over four hours. and nasa rename one of the centers in honor of neil armstrong. too early." "morning joe" starts right now. >> good morning. it is monday, july 21st. welcome to "morning joe." with us on set we have the president of the foreign relations, contributor john heilman, host of "way too early" and john roberts is running into the room. peter baker joins us as well as bbc correspondent kim gatis. thanks for being with us this morning. >> thanks. let's get right to the break nugs this morning. the deatto


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